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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Remembering Mahaprabhu: Selfless sacrifice and night-time Divine walks of Kripaluji Maharaj

Divine night walk of Jagadguru Kripalu Ji Maharaj
Jagadguru Shree Kripaluji Maharaj -
Kripalu Mahaprabhu
One of the amazing aspects of Jagadguru Shree Kripaluji Maharaj's Divine personality was his total sacrifice for the well-being of the devotees. Even his sleep was very little, so as to give maximum association to devotees and spiritual aspirants. Kripalu Mahaprabhu would awaken for his nightly walks, which took place in the large hall of his palace in Mangarh. Even this was an opportunity to grace the souls in a unique way.

One famous incident in the life of Saint Ramakrishna Paramhans was his daily activity of going to the rooftop of the kuthi at Dakshineswar after the evening prayer service and crying out in agonized voice, "Come to me, Oh devotees! Where are you? I cannot bear to live without you". One by one, his core group of devotees began to arrive, and in this way he built up his congregation.

In Jagadguru Shree Kripaluji Maharaj's life, he never called anyone to come to him, but a spell-binding event would occur during the midnight walks. During the walks, Kripalu Mahaprabhu would frequently take short breaks to call out Radheeeeeeeeeey with loud, long, haunting abandonment from a window of his palace. Sometimes wailing, and sometimes in serious tone, the Divine sound reached for miles around the village and the surrounding areas in every direction. Penetrating the physical sleep of the listeners, and the sleep of ignorance of maya, the sound would traverse through the atmosphere in every direction.

Within minutes, in the deep, cool, stillness of night, aspiring souls awoken by his voice would run towards the palace with great urgency as if hypnotized and mesmerized. All formalities such as bathing, adequately dressing or preparations were abandoned by many as if compelled to reach the origin of the Divine sound at any cost. A few devotees used to wait, longingly, outside the palace doors every night, having made it their nightly nightly routine. Making their way inside an open side door of the palace, devotees would quench their spiritual thirst with the vision and the warmth of closeness of Kripalu Mahaprabhuji's Divine body as he walked, pacifying the heart and mind of everyone who was lucky enough to be there. From time to time, sacred extemporaneous poetic utterances on the philosophy of Divine love or some practical philosophical instructions for the maya-bound souls would flow from his mouth, out the palace window, in the same haunting style. When Jagadguru Shree Kripalu Ji Maharaj would resume his walking, devotees would wail Radheeeeeeeeeey continuously until Shree Maharaprabhuji would once again continue his calls out from the palace window.

When Jagadguru Shree Kripalu Ji Maharaj would retire to his room, everyone would return to their homes or rooms and resume their deep, satisfied sleep until it was time to get ready for morning arti, feeling blessed to have received such an extraordinary night-time darshan.

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