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Monday, July 22, 2013

Unprecedented crowds gather for Guru Poornima 2013 with Shree Kripalu Ji Maharaj

Jagadguru Kripalu Ji Maharaj, Shree Maharajji, on the eve of Guru Poornima 2013 at Bhakti Dham, Mangarh

Happy Guru Poornima 2013. Thousands of devotees from all over India and around the world have gathered at Bhakti Dham, Mangarh in order to celebrate Guru Poornima with our Beloved Guru Jagadguru Shree Kripaluji Maharaj on 22nd July 2013.

Jagadguru Kripalu Parishat official facebook page shared the following beautiful song:

जयति जय, जय सदगुरु महराज।
छके युगल रस रास सरस जनु, मूर्तिमान रसराज।
बिनु कारण करुणाकर जाकर, अस स्वभाव भल भ्राज।
बरबस पतितन देत प्रेमरस, अस रसिकन सरताज।
डूबत आपु डुबावत जन कहँ, प्रेमसिंधु-ब्रजराज।
हौं ' कृपालु ' गुरुचरण शरण गहि, भयो धन्य जग आज।।

Jayati jaya, jaya sadguru maharaja,
chhake yugala ras raas saras janu, murtimana rasaraaj,
binu kaaran karunaakar jaakar, as swabhaav bhal bhraj,
barabas patitan det prem-ras, as rasikana sarataaj,
dubata aapu dubaavata jan kaham, prem-sindhu-brajaraaj,
haum ‘Kripalu’ guru charan sharan gahi, bhayo dhanya jag aaj.

Let all glory be unto my Spiritual Master. My Master who is always engrossed in the divine love-bliss seems to be the veritable incarnation of the personified love of Shyama-Shyam. It is his natural nature to uplift the fallen souls through his causeless mercy. The crest-jewel of all the rasikas, he forcibly imparts divine love-bliss even to the fallen worldly souls. Drowned in the ocean of divine love-bliss himself, he drowns even his surrendered disciple in the same ocean. Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj says, “I am really blessed to take shelter at the lotus-feet of such an indescribably great Spiritual Master.”

Who is the Guru? - Beautiful article shared by Jagadguru Kripalu Parishat facebook page:

GURU Vedavyas, who is an incarnation (descension) of God Himself, says that there is no other entity that supersedes the Guru.

The Vedas instruct us to devote ourselves to Guru in exactly the same manner as we should devote ourselves to Radha Krishna, since both God and Guru are considered as equals in their devotion. One is not inferior to the other.

Guru is in fact synonymous to God. It does not matter whether you refer to him as God or simply as a Guru.

Guru means the one who has attained God. God says that He serves Guru, and He is under his (Guru) control.

The word Guru is made up of two components; 'Gu' and 'Ru'. ‘Gu’ means Maya (darkness) and ‘Ru’ means the one who eliminates it. Following a wrong (fake) Guru could be detrimental. It may take you to hell.

The Vedas proclaim that spiritual welfare is not possible without a genuine Guru. Even a paramhans like Uddhav needed to follow the gopis as his Guru in order to benefit spiritually.

We have been turning away from God since time immemorial. As a result, we are clutched by Maya. The cure for this is to turn towards God by doing devotion to a genuine Guru.

If you come across a genuine Guru, follow him blindly!

Think favourably of God and your Guru. Be aware that they can enact in different leelas, as they have a special personal power called Yogmaya, which can turn anything impossible to possible.

Clear of all your doubts (about God and Guru), surrender like an innocent newborn baby, follow your Guru's instructions, never apply your material mind to analyse their instructions, and continue doing devotion carefully.

Guru Poornima 2013 with Kripalu Maharajji
Sita Ram deities presided over the Guru Poornima 2013 celebration

Radha Krishna deities presided over the Guru Poornima 2013 celebration

Guru Poornima 2013 with Kripalu Maharajji
Unprecedented crowds gathered in the world's largest pillar-less dome, Bhakti Bhavan, to honor Jagadguru Shree Kripalu Ji Maharaj on Guru Poornima 2013

Guru Poornima 2013 with Kripalu Maharajji
Ecstatic devotees chant and dance in the joy of Guru Poornima 2013

Guru Poornima 2013 with Kripalu Maharajji
Almost 10,000 devotees sit in pin-drop silence to absorb all the bliss and knowledge from Jagadguru Shree Kripalu Ji Maharaj's lecture

Guru Poornima 2013 with Kripalu Maharajji
Huge crowds gather outside Bhakti Mandir temple on Guru Poornima 2013

Guru Poornima 2013 with Kripalu Maharajji
Devotees offering their respects to Radha Krishna on Guru Poornima 2013
Kripalum Vande Jagadgurum. Glory to supreme Jagadguru, Shree Kripaluji Maharaj, the inspiration of so many devotees lives

1 comment:

ranjit said...

I don't think such opulence was manifested during the times of divine personalities of the past. Truly it is a great wonder to know that 10000 fortunate people (and thousands more) have identified Sri Maharajji as a saint.

May he decide to live forever on the Earth.

Radhe Radhe.