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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Update on Shree Maharajji's health

Posted in March 2013:

Latest pictures of Kripalu Ji Maharaj's health 2013
Shree Kripaluji Maharaj walking in corridors of the hospital twice a day

Jagadguru Kripalu Ji Maharaj in hospital bed
Shree Maharajji

March 2013: Dear Devotees, 

Most of you are probably aware by now that Shri Maharaj Ji has been unwell. However, His health is improving day by day. His routine is normal even during His illness, and He is ever-smiling as usual. 

He walks in the corridors of the hospital twice a day. Shri Maharaj Ji is expected to make a full recovery in due course and will be discharged from the hospital very soon. 

One interesting event to marvel at was when Shri Maharaj Ji was on His way to have a CT scan, He noticed a spelling mistake on a signboard – धूम्रपान वर्जित है (dhumrapaan varjit hai) – which means no smoking, and He said, 

“See, they have used धु (small ‘dhu’) instead of धू (big ‘dhu’).

- Jagadguru Kripalu Parishat

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Seta Harbajan said...

Radhey Radhey Maharaj ji,
I'm so happy to know that you are doing much better.Our thoughts & prayers together with our love are there for you at this time.
Seta & Bobby.

Manish Kumar said...

Radhey Radhey Smji.. Love you lots..

Anonymous said...

Radhey Radhey Maharajji humari bajah se aap ko kast ho raha hai. kitna sah rahe hai hamare apraadho ko le kar... bhul jawo ab hame aur aap tik ho jao. Bahut ho gaya hum sadhana nahi karte, anshu nahi bahate,laparwahi karte karte aur sansari attachment se kaam krod lov moh kuch kam nahi huwa hai. Khali swang karte hai aap se pyar karne ke magar sahansilta dinata bilkul nahi hai. aap ki e satan itna nalayak hai ki anant janm ki nark bhi kami hogi.. Maharajji aap tik ho jawo please....