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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Shree Chaitanya Mahaprabhu the Golden Avatar of Divine Love. Happy Mahaprabhu Jayanti 2013!

Jagadguru Shree Kripaluji Maharaj has rejuvenated and re-established the devotional parampara of Raganuga Bhakti and has given it a refined form that could be followed by the devotees of the world, forever. Today we celebrate Mahaprabhu Jayanti 2013, along with Holi. In this post, we'll look at the life history of Shree Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, excerpted from an old speech of a senior disciple of Jagadguru Shree Kripaluji Maharaj. If reading by email, please visit blog to be able to see video clips.

Siddheshwari Devi leads disciples of Jagadguru Shree Kripaluji Maharaj in chanting of 'Bolo Gaur Hari'

Krishna revealed the Divine leelas and established the glory of Divine love and Divine Vrindaban. He then left this world. After that, He sent many Saints to the earth planet to propagate the theory of divine love consciousness. In spite of all these efforts only a limited number of individuals received the benefit of Krishna's Divine vision.

Krishna is unimaginably kind. As a little boy fails to appreciate the depth of his mother's love, similarly, because of our ignorance, we do not understand the extent of God's love for us or the degree of His Grace showered upon us daily.

Radha thought, I have sent a lot of Saints to the earth planet, but now I will personally go and see what happens. Probably I can help the souls more than My associates. With this thought, Radha decided to appear on the earth planet. I explained before that Radha and Krishna are one.

Thus, about 500 years ago, Radha Rani appeared in Nadia district of east India as Shree Chaitanya Mahaprabhu whose childhood name was Nimai. Mahaprabhuji appeared with hundreds of His associates. His mother, father, brother and close relatives were all Divine personalities and the eternal associates of Radha Krishna in Golok.

He appeared in his Divine body. That is why we say 'appeared'. However, people of the locality, knowing that a baby boy was born, rushed to see him. He was charming and well-liked. He became the central figure of attraction for everyone in that locality.

One day when he was only a few weeks old, he showed to the world that he was not an ordinary boy, but someone very special. He cried continuously and no one could quieten him. His mother in distress said, Oh, my child is crying. What can I do for such a loving boy? Involuntarily, a woman in the house said, 'Hari bol, Hari bol'. 'Hari bol' means 'speak the name of Krishna'. As she said, 'Hari bol,' Nimai stopped crying and began to gaze and smile at her.

See his gracious trick! From birth he made people sing the name of Krishna until the house resounded with the sound of 'Hari bol' because whenever he cried people said 'Hari bol, Hari bol, Hari bol' and he stopped crying. In this way he introduced the name of Krishna to the people of the house.

Beautiful leela in which child Nimai reveals His Divine form as Krishna

Some of the events relating to Krishna's descension were again repeated in the descension of Mahaprabhuji. For instance, in the childhood leela of Krishna, there was a brahman who lived in isolation for many, many years. He came to mother Yashoda (Krishna's mother), who wanted him to have some food before leaving. In that leela, Krishna revealed Himself to the brahman as the supreme form of God.

A similar event was repeated in Mahaprabhuji's life. A person going on a pilgrimage happened to stay that night in Nimai's house. Shachimata was the name of Nimai's mother. In the late evening, the brahman cooked his food and offered it to his Deity by closing his eyes and praying to God. Nimai slowly crept close to him and began to eat his offered food. At the same time, Nimai entered into his consciousness in the form of child Krishna. When the brahman opened his eyes he found the same child Krishna eating his offering. The Brahman felt so much love in his heart that he could not absorb it and fainted. After many hours, when his excitement subsided, he went on his way.

Some years later Nimai went to a Sanskrit college. Within 2 years, he completed his studies and passed through all the classes exceeding even his teachers who were unable to reply to all of his arguments about different philosophies. He became a great scholar of Nyay darshan.

After a few more years he decided to reveal his actual personality of Divine love and spread the name of Krishna. He went to a holy town, Gaya, as an ordinary man, and returned as a great devotee, often swooning at the name of Krishna, entering into Divine love trance and fainting while chanting the name of Krishna. Divine excitements called 'Divine expressions' (sattvic bhao) were revealed in His body. He was around eighteen at the time.

Mahaprabhuji's kirtan

Such expressions are physical expressions appearing during the various ecstatic states of Krishna love. Even in material emotions tearful eyes are expressions of love. Divine love is unbelievably great and unbelievably intense. It reveals multiple expressions of varying depth and force.

Roop Goswami says in Bhakti Rasamrit Sindhu:

[Sanskrit Verse]

In remembering or chanting the name of Radha Krishna, one may become absolutely still. This is called stambh. The tone of voice changes and deepens. This is swarbhed. Swed means perspiration and romanch means goose pimples. Vepathu is the shaking of body and ashru are the tears of love. During ecstasy, the experience of virah and milan cause a change in facial glow and expression. This is vaivarn. Fainting in excessive feeling of virah or excessive joy is called pralaya.

Divine Sankirtan program of Chaitany Mahaprabhu and Kripaluji Maharaj/>
Chaitanya Mahaprabhu in bhao during the chanting of Krishna name

These eight are the main Divine expressions which appear in various intensities. A Divine personality may conceal these expressions at times, but not always. They are directly related to the ecstatic states of loving excitements with Radha Krishna.

As Mahaprabhuji was himself the descension of Radha Rani, his Divine love excitements were boundless. He remained reserved for many years but afterwards entered his normal state and became a living personification of Divine love. Those who knew about the status of Divine expressions through the Bhagwatam, recognized the supreme Divinity of Mahaprabhuji.

The first chanting session was organized at the house of Srivas Pandit. The wordings of the chants were simple.

Hare Ram Hare Ram, Ram Ram Hare Hare,
Hare Krishna Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna Hare Hare

Jai Shree Radhey Jai Nandnandan,
Jai Jai Gopi-Janmanranjan

Radhey Radhey Radhey, Jai Jai Jai Shree Radhey
Gopi jan vallabh Shyam, Radhey Raman Shyam

Such a chanting satsang continued every night in his house.

Chaitanya Mahaprabhu's satsang was a living form of Divine love. On voicing his 'Radhey', the audience became deeply inspired with the love of Radha. Participants of this devotional satsang were Saints and evolved souls and their expressions of Divine love corresponded to the depth of their dedication. A heart-to-heart coordination was necessary to establish heart-to-heart closeness with Mahaprabhuji.

Divine Sankirtan program of Chaitany Mahaprabhu and Kripaluji Maharaj
Sankirtan program of Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu

A Divine personality is more open with a fully dedicated soul, less open with a partially dedicated soul and reserved with an intellectual person. The presence of a materialistic person at satsang restricts the flow of Divine love emanating from the heart of a Divine being, thus spoiling its real charm, just as the addition of salt spoils the sweetness of a cake.

Mahaprabhuji wanted to impart the deepest love (bhao) in his satsang for the deserving and longing souls, so he ruled that only Krishna devotees should participate in the chanting program. One night a worldly person sneaked in where satsang was going on. That night the devotees did not experience their normal depth of devotional love even though Mahaprabhuji was present for the whole time.

After the evening meal, all the devotees attended chanting sessions which Mahaprabhuji conducted. Sometimes he himself sang the chant and sometimes certain selected devotees took the lead and the others followed. The living form of the highest stage of Krishna love descended in his program. It was a visible experience of Krishna love.

Unfortunately, the world is full of negative elements. On one side is the unlimited Grace of our Divine beloved Krishna and, on the other, the constant in gratitude of the material souls. It happened that in that particular locality some trouble makers voiced their objections to the authorities to stop the satsang as it made too much noise in the nights. However, in spite of such opposition and despite constant criticism of Mahaprabhuji and attempts to harass the good devotees, the satsang continued. It is a material axiom that deserving souls are few and the undeserving ones are always numerous.

However, he continued to distribute the same kind of love. Sometimes he gave brief speeches mostly concerning the Bhagwatam and the attainment of Divine love. He said that the Bhagwatam was the only book that explained the true theory of Vedant, Divine love and God realisation. Ved Vyas included the theme of other scriptures in the Bhagwatam because it was his last and very special work.

Mahaprabhuji accepted the theme of the Bhagwatam as the true devotional path and did not write any book about devotional philosophy, but from time to time he did explain the theory of divine love consciousness and the experiences of Divine love.

Chaitanya Mahaprabhuji revealed eight verses called Shikchashtak" in which he imbued the secrets of Krishna realization.

In his last five years, Mahaprabhuji, living near the temple of Jagannathji in eastern India, remained in Radha Bhao. He never communicated with common people because he was never fully conscious. Most of the time he was in ecstasy. In his semiconscious or unconscious state, his closest disciple cared for his physical body.

The period of his descension on the earth planet came to an end, and one morning he went to the temple of Jagannathji. The main door was open and hundreds of people were standing in the courtyard watching the Deity of Jagannathji. Mahaprabhuji, in his Divine excitement, ran towards the Deity and disappeared, entering into his Divine abode, Golok, and leaving behind him those eight verses which have become the guideline for the remembrance which became an inspiration for thousands of devotees. He lived on the earth planet for 48 years.

He distributed Divine love to people, freely and without discrimination, but very few were able to receive it. He lived his whole life for others, touring the vast land of India, to the south and to the west, up to Vrindaban meeting millions of people. He had thousands of followers, but very few were able to wholeheartedly believe in him as their true Divine beloved. Why? Because people fail to recognize the Divine power when it is present on the earth planet in his Divine form, and when he has ascended, they feel dismay and repent for their lost opportunity.

When Gaurang Mahaprabhuji disappeared from this earth planet, people commented, "Oh, he had a Divine body. He disappeared in front of hundreds of people... Surely he was a descended Divine personality." But the opportunity to receive his Divine Grace also went with his departure.

On millions of occasions you have received the association of a true Saint, but your faith was imperfect and weak. Your attachment to your family, friends, and pets and your intellectual involvement with false ideologies about God, introduced by religious ritualists and believers of imperonalism, have kept you well within the bounds of maya. For similar reasons only a very few people submitted themselves fully to Mahaprabhuji and received the vision of Radha Krishna.

Try not to lose the chance of this lifetime; use it for Divine service and the realization of God, which offers internal joy and eternal wealth. If you have spiritual wealth, you can serve others and make them happy. But if you are spiritually bankrupt, you will only feel emptiness in your life. Material indulgence won't fulfill the emptiness which you often feel when you are alone.

A needy person looking for physical satisfaction uses his intelligence to politely bargain for the favor of another person. Such intellectual craftiness extends the field of further discontentment. On the other hand, dedication to the experience of Krishna love brings ultimate joy to those who wisely accept the path of divine love consciousness.

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