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Monday, March 18, 2013

Kirtan of the week: Tum binu kaun hare, peer hari?

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Kirtan of Jagad Guru Kripalu Maharajji
Recent glimpse 2013 of Jagad Guru Kripalu Maharajji during kirtan

Here we begin a new series called Kirtan of the week. This is Pira hari, tum binu kauna hare?, a powerful and touching kirtan revealed by Jagad Guru Kripalu Maharajji. Click the play button above to listen to the audio, and close your eyes. Let the chanting, sung by the devotees of Jagad Guru Kripalu Maharajji, into the depths of your heart. Thanks to Sandhya from Singapore for providing the lyrics and translation. 

Tum binu kaun hare, peer hari?
Oh Shyamsunder! Who else but You can remove my sorrows?

Daihika daivika bhautika tapana, ab laum bahut jare.
I have endured enough from the three sorrows and sufferings.

Lakha caurasi yoni caracara, bahu vidhi svamga dhare.
Assuming 8.4 million varieties of disguises, I have been born repeatedly as movable as well as immovable creatures.

Mrga mrgajala jyom dhaya raina dina, indrina ghata na bhare.
In the desert, a deer runs desperately towards water, but ultimately sees that it was only an illusion. In the very same way, I have been running after the material world, searching for happiness, but the pots of my desires remain to be filled.

China china barhati jati vasana, jyom ghrta agini pare.
My desire for the world is increasing, just as fire fueled by ghee.

Nara tanu paya 'kripalu' ceta na tu, pari bhavakupa mare.
Says Shree 'Kripalu': Having attained the precious human form, you should be very alert, otherwise you will suffer endlessly by falling in the pit of this material world.

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