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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Holi Sadhana program 2013 in full swing at Bhakti Dham

Jagad Guru Maharaj Ji Kripaluji giving apples to the devotees
Shree Maharajji distributing apples to devotees in Mangarh

The Holi sadhana program 2013 is in full swing at Bhakti Dham, Mangarh at the moment (10th - 28th March 2013). Attending the Holi sadhana program 2013 in Mangarh is a priceless Divine gift. It is an opportunity to fully immerse oneself in continuous devotion and service. Having Jagad guru Kripalu Maharajji's satsang for an extended period of time elevates the consciousness of the devotees and establishes their mind in Radha Krishna love. The Mangarh sadhana program leaves an indelible imprint of love and devotion in the heart of the sincere devotees.

Maharaj Kripalu and devotees celebrate Holi 2013 at Bhakti Dham Hindu ashram and temple
Holi sadhana program 2013 and celebration 2013 with Jagad Guru Kripalu Maharajji
Throughout the sadhana program ecstatic chanting programs are scheduled in the satsang hall from morning to evening and Jagad guru Kripalu Maharajji's tells the leelas of Radha Krishna and expounds the deepest devotional theory and practical aspects of devotion through his Divine discourses. Devotees also have the golden chance to do seva (devotional service) in the ashram during the sadhana program.

There are a number of rules, internal and external, that each participant is supposed to follow. Devotees maintain complete silence throughout the Sadhana program.

Internal Rules

1. Always meditate lovingly on God and Guru while chanting.
2. Take the name of Radha with every breath even outside of scheduled kirtan time.
3. Realise the unlimited grace of God and Guru and make a sincere effort to shed tears of gratitude.
4. Accepting yourself to be a destitute soul, remain humble and be respectful towards all aspiring devotees.
5. Know God and Guru to be the same and think only favourably of them.
6. Have faith that God and Guru are always with you, protecting and monitoring you.
7. Think of God and Guru at all times and in every place.
8. Do not desire anything, not even liberation. Entreat Shree Radha-Krishna to grant you selfless love.
9. Never make a deliberate external show of inner devotional sentiments.
10. Refrain from looking at the faults of others.

External Rules

1. Reach the Sadhana Hall as soon as the bell rings.
2. After your morning bath, apply tilak and wear Radhey Shyami before entering the Sadhana hall. Keep your sankirtan books and ID card with you.
3. Do not touch Shree Maharaj Ji’s lotus feet.
4. Keep your cell phone off in the Sadhana hall.
5. Maintain complete silence. If it is important to communicate, do so by writing.
6. When the bell sounds at meal times, proceed to the dining hall immediately.
7. You are responsible for the safety of your own belongings. Secure them properly.
8. Keep your room and the surrounding area neat and clean.
9. Children under the age of twelve are not permitted to attend the intensive. If you have brought your child due to circumstance, you must both remain outside the hall.
10. Follow the schedule strictly.

Latest glimpses from the Holi 2013 Sadhana Program

Jagad Guru Maharajji Kripalu and devotees in Radha Krishna bhakti and chanting during Holi 2013
The sadhana programs and celebrations with Jagad Guru Kripalu Maharajji are one of the best in all the different temples and ashrams in India. The devotional philosophy is of the highest class
Jagad Guru Maharajji Kripalu and devotees in Radha Krishna bhakti and chanting during Holi 2013
Devotees of Jagad Guru Maharajji Kripalu engrossed in loving devotion to Radha Krishna and the Divine names
Jagad Guru Maharajji Kripalu and devotees in Radha Krishna bhakti and chanting during Holi 2013
Bhakti Dham, Mangarh, is a spiritual beacon of Radha Krishna devotion in the world. The sadhana program is an opportunity for the devotees of Kripalu Maharajji to improve, develop and conceive the consciousness of Radha Krishna love
Jagad Guru Maharajji Kripalu and devotees in Radha Krishna bhakti and chanting during Holi 2013
This is an invaluable Divine gift that helps the devotees to deepen their experience of Radha Krishn love and to feel the closeness of Shree Maharajji Kripalu, whose causeless Grace has manifested Bhakti Dham for the devotees of the world.

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holi greeting online india 2013 said...

Holi is celebrated in Mathura and Vrindavan for whole month.Jagadguru is one of the finest spiritual leader of India who is preaching the message of love and god.