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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

In search of "The religion of today": Part 4(b)/4 - How Hinduism has been misinterpreted

In this series of blog posts we are looking at The Religion of Today—a scientific view... This is Part 4(b). Is there a religion that actually has the answers we are all seeking—especially how to be perfectly happy forever? Is there a religion that is true for all ages—past, present and future—with an unchanging truth? Can one really know the purpose of life and achieve it? We have looked at those questions. Now we look at "How Hinduism has been misinterpreted" and "Evidences of the Divine authenticity of Bhartiya scriptures". Click here to view previous and future posts in this series.

There are a number of evidences of the Evidences of the Divine authenticity of Bhartiya scriptures
In the last 200 years such despisations were much greater when the English regime tried to destroy the culture and the religion of India by all means, and, during that time, they deliberately produced such derogatory literatures in huge quantities that confused and misguided the whole world. Trying to impose the worldliness of their own culture upon the Hindu faith, they introduced such fictitious theories and disparaging dogmas that produced a derogatory and demeaning view of Hinduism. These publications affected the minds of Hindu writers to such an extent that they also began to think and write on the same lines.

Hinduism includes: (1) the true path of God realization, (2) the Divine history and (3) the creation of the universe. Thus, it explains all the aspects of God and His unlimited Graciousness that reveals all the knowledges in the form of Divine scriptures through the eternal Divine personalities (the Rishis). In this way, Hinduism includes all the informations, knowledges and philosophies whatever a soul may need to proceed on the path to God and to experience His absolute Divine love and also to perceive His all-loving and all-beautiful Divine form. Bhartiya scriptures, like the Vedas, Upnishads, Puranas, Gita and the Bhagwatam etc., are Divine manifestations, so, a Divine personality is needed to reveal their secrets. A worldly mind can never understand their true theme, because, on the basis of his academic learning a person will always use his material reasonings and worldly outlook for the Divine acts. That’s why it is said that the theme of the scriptures should be learned from a true Divine personality. Now, I will give the basics of Hinduism which tells about God, souls, maya, Saints (Divine personalities), scriptures, creation, path (to God), descensions and history, etc.

Evidences of the Divine authenticity of Bhartiya scriptures
There are three kinds of evidences: documentary, inferential and perceptional. In the scriptural terms they are called shabd (documentary), anuman (inferential or circumstantial) and pratyakch (perceptional). We have all the three kinds of evidences to authenticate the Divinity of all the scriptures along with their descriptions.

(a) We have a system. The scriptures themselves tell their origin in their writings. The Upnishads, which are the first revelations, tell that the Vedas, the Upnishads and all of the Rishis and Sages were produced by God Maha Vishnu Himself and are protected by Him.

Not only at one place but at many places it has been documented in the Upanishads. The Brihadaranyakopnishad (2/4/10) says that all the four Vedas, Upnishads, Puranas, History and other affiliates and subsidiaries of the Vedas along with their grammar were produced by God Himself. Again, in the Chandogyopnishad (7/1/2) it is said that the History (called Itihas, which are: the Ramayan and the Mahabharat) and Puranas are like the fifth Ved. Also, regarding the period of their reproduction by Ved Vyas and the time of the war, the Mahabharat gives the precise astronomical data when the war had happened.

(b) Considering the depth, extensiveness, preciseness and perfection of such scriptural knowledges that are beyond human intellect, it can easily be inferred that it is super-material knowledge, thus it can only be Divine. The depth of the philosophy of God and God realization with its detailed descriptions, the extensiveness of the historical descriptions in the Puranas and in the Mahabharat, the preciseness of the calculations of the periods and the cycles of ‘time’ (for example: the beginning of the existing human civilization is 120.5331 million years; the age of the earth planet and also the existing form of the sun is 1971.9616 million years in 1998; the very beginning of this planetary system is 155.521972 trillion years), and the perfection of the Sanskrit grammar since it was introduced on the earth planet through the early Sages of India, are all such unequalled examples which naturally certify the Divine greatness of our scriptures.

(c) As regards perception of the Divine, every God realized bhakt Saint all the time witnesses the Divine glory of his beloved God and, remaining in His association, conceives the theme of all the scriptures. That’s how when he writes anything it is perfectly in coordination with the tenets of the original scriptures. There are an enormous number of such examples. As far as the existence of the celestial abodes and its gods are concerned we don’t need a true Saint to certify it, even an evolved yogi who has perfected his samadhi could visualize the celestial gods during the meditative part of his samadhi.

From the very recent to the very ancient time we have such biographies of the rasik Saints whose Divine association with Krishna is generously described. There were a great number of Saints in Braj in the last 500 years who wrote about their visualization of the playfulness of Krishna in the form of songs called pad. They are in thousands and are all printed in book form. A rasik Saint, Surdas, is said to have sung more than a hundred thousand songs about the playfulness of the supreme God Krishna. It means that he sang at least 15 to 25 songs every day. Out of them more than two thousand songs are still available. It was the beauty of his description that he sang them simultaneously as he visualized them. These Saints also wrote the philosophical aspects of the form and the virtues of God and the true path of God realization. In this way they witnessed the Divinity and authenticated the Divineness of our scriptures.

We have thus abundance of evidences of all kinds that authenticate the eternal Divineness and the greatness of our scriptures, the Vedas, the Upnishads, the Puranas, the Mahabharat and the Ramayan etc., which delineate the Divine history of Sages, Saints, Divine personalities and the descensions of the supreme God. They also describe the simple and the easy path of God realization through devotion (bhakti) and dedication while detailing the philosophical aspects of the Divine dimensions and the forms of God.

There may have been a “Proto-Germanic language” but there was never an “Indo-Iranian” family or a “Proto-Indo-European language.” It was only a fiction that was created by Sir William Jones as it is evident from the development of the writing systems of the world; and, the fact is, that Sanskrit language was always perfect since it was introduced in the world by the Rishis of Bharatvarsh and that’s how its apbhransh are found in almost all the languages of the world.

Check back for the next post where we will look at the "Writing systems of the world", "Procedure of the creation of the universe" and "The functioning of a planetary system".


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