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Thursday, August 16, 2012

In search of "The religion of today": Part 4(a)/4 - Is religion a reality?

In this series of blogs posts we are searching for The Religion of Today—a scientific view... This is Part 4(a). We've looked at the questions of whether religion is a myth and whether religion is a deception. Now we analyse the question, "Is religion a reality?" Is there a religion that actually has the answers we are all seeking—especially how to be perfectly happy forever? Is there a religion that is true for all ages—past, present and future—with an unchanging truth? Can one really know the purpose of life and achieve it? Click here to view previous and future posts in this series.

This very long post has been divided into a number of sections. This is part 4(a). Check back for 4(b, c..)

The eternal teachings of Sanatan Dham (Hinduism) have absolutely no mythology or deceptions. It is the Divine religion—the true reality. All of its writings are the true Divine facts. The Upnishads and Puranas, etc. reveal the Divine form, name, abode and virtues of the supreme God and explain in detail the path of God realization along with the general history of Bharatvarsh (the earth planet in general and India in specific) which includes the history of hundreds of eternal Saints and all the descensions of the supreme God.

We have a recorded history of about 500 Divine Saints in the ‘Bhaktmal’ of Nabhadas whose renunciation, humbleness and devotional living is the inspiration for the souls of the entire world desiring for the love and vision of the supreme God. The acharyas and the rasik Saints of Braj revealed such a Bliss of Divine love which is uncountable times greater and sweeter than the Blissful experience of a true Divine Yogi, and they opened the path of Divine love for anyone in the world who is sincerely longing for that love.

India has such a deep and descriptive Divine philosophy since time immemorial whose single ray incorporates the teachings of all the pious religions of the rest of the world.

Bhartiya scriptures describe:

(a) The omnipresence of all the forms of one single God; His Divine abodes, virtues, absoluteness, Blissfulness and omniscience; and His unlimited Graciousness that reveals His glory, greatness, kindness and Divine love to the souls, making them equally Blissful as Himself.

(b) The origin, evolution and the creation of this universe which is apparently the manifestation of an endless, eternal and lifeless energy called the maya that works with the help of God and involves unlimited number of infinitesimal souls which remain under its bondage.

(c) The quality, nature, behavior and the eternal existence of unlimited number of souls along with the cause, nature and the strength of their worldly attachments which keeps them under the bondage of maya.

(d) The procedure, practice, drawbacks and the helping factors which are related to the attainment of the Grace of God that reveals His Divine knowledge, Divine vision and Divine love, and which makes a maya-inflicted soul absolutely Blissful forever;

(e) And reveal the various sciences (Sanskrit grammar and language, cosmology, astrology, sociology, defense and medicine etc.) for the good of the people of the world in general.

It is, thus, very obvious and anyone could understand this fact that the above mentioned knowledges are way beyond the limits of human intelligence; so they must have been produced by God Himself; and the fact is that they are produced by God Himself.

In blog post 4(b) of this series, we will look at "How Hinduism Has Been Misinterpreted". Check back soon!

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