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Monday, June 4, 2012

A devotee's prayer to Radha (Translated from Prem Ras Madhira by Jagadguru Shree Kripaluji Maharaj)

O Radhey! O the overflowing reservoir of Divine love! O the loving daughter of King Vrishbhanu. O sweet sixteen, saturated with selfless love of Krishn!

Please look at me with Your ever Grace-filled eyes. I am very undeserving, I have not a single virtue, and I have nothing to call my own. But Radhey! I heard that You require no excuse to Grace Your own souls. Then, leaving You, how can I go to anyone else to narrate my hardships? Even if I do, who would listen to this fallen soul and who would understand my misery with the compassion as that You possess?

Radhey, ceaselessly I have been committing sins life after life, but still remain dissatisfied. Just like a pig in the slums, I have been constantly wandering in search of trivial, fleeting, sensual pleasures. O Kishoriji, Who but You is there for me, to pity my condition? Who but You will Grace me enough to end my misfortune? Radhey, whether I am virtuous or fallen, I am simply Yours and Yours and Yours alone. Please tell me, apart from You, who is my well-wisher? O Bhanu Nandini, Radhey! You know very well that I am the chief of all fallen souls. Still, with all my pride and ego, I came to Your surrender. Please make me an exception and shower Your unconditional Grace upon me.

O Goddess of Maharas! I beg You again and again, please give me the alms of love treasure of Gopis as a charity by any possible means. Please make me truly and completely Yours, in any way possible.

Having attained the most impossible of all, love-stricken, I will sing Your name, virtues, and leelas day and night. I will spend away the rest of my life intoxicated with Divine love, with my eyes swimming in the tears of love, with my soul deeply immersed in Your longing. Having received Your unreasonable Grace, I will roam and get lost in the lanes of Braj, like a mad lover, in Your blissful memory, forgetting my own existence.

O Pyari! When will I have You alone, as my sole proprietor? O Shree Radhey, who is more beautiful than beauty itself? When will my thirsty eyes get the precious opportunity to drink Your beauty unceasingly?

- From Prem Ras Madira by Jagadguru Shree Kripaluji Maharaj

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