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Thursday, May 31, 2012

"O Sinful Mind" - from a Speech by Jagadguru Shree Kripaluji Maharaj

Shame on you! You forgot the Grace of the one who gave shelter at his lotus feet to a fallen, destitute and wretched soul like yourself. You caused him distress. It is indeed true that where his Graciousness and forgiveness is in boundless abundance, you have also shown an absolute degree of wretchedness and sinfulness. From today, why not take up a challenge to please your loving Guru? The single means of pleasing Guru is that from this very moment we should take a vow that, "No matter how harshly grueling and severely bitter language one may speak to me, I will not hold the slightest grudge against that person. I will always look to my own faults and earnestly try to rectify them."

Guru made you a traveler on the path of love, then why is it that hatred, vanity, jealousy, animosity and other defilements live in your heart? Wouldn't this incessant sequence of transgressions separate you from the lotus feet of your Guru, father, God, Who is causelessly merciful and the ocean of Grace? Where will you go then? O fallen mind! If there is no other refuge for you, then enough is enough. Abandon all your habits of past many lifetimes and single-mindedly become a loving devotee of the lotus feet of your beloved God and Guru. Absorb your mind in the remembrance of Their infinite Grace and exclusively and selflessly devote your precious life in Their service.

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