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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Radha Govind Geet - Kirtan sung by Siddheshvari Didi Ji

This video was recorded during the 2011 Thanksgiving Retreat at Radha Madhav Dham in Austin, Texas.

Radha Govind Geet - Kirtan sung by Sushree Siddheshvari Didi Ji. Printed in two volumes the eleven thousand one hundred eleven couplets (Radha Govind Geet), playfully revealed and written by Jagadguru Shree Kripaluji Maharaj, are like the Divine jewels and are truly an invaluable asset for all the devotees of Shyama Shyam and also for the scholars of Bhartiya scriptures, research scholars, pious devouts, yogis, gyanis, and anyone desiring to know the true underlying theme of our scriptures and the true path to God realization. In an easily understandable form it relates all the devotional and philosophical descriptions of the Shat Sandarbh and Bhakti Rasamrit Sindhu written by Jeev Goswami and Roop Goswami.

When you will read this, you yourself will discover that in Radha Govind Geet all the devotional questions are answered in detail, and, at the same time, in a chanting form, the Bliss of the name, form, virtues, leelas and abode of Radha Krishn is also revealed. It is such a Divine work which is an infallible medicine for the physically, mentally or emotionally inflicted souls of kaliyug and shows them the path of true happiness.

The entire hardcover, two volume set for Radha Govind Geet is available for purchase at the JKP online shop.

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