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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Bhakti yog sadhana program in the Gracious presence of Jagadguru Shree Kripaluji Maharaj (Cuttack, Odisha, Jan 12 - 18)

Bhakti yog Sadhana Program

Organized by Jagadguru Kripalu Yog Trust

Jagadguru Kripalu University, Village
Banara (Near Nauraj), District
Cuttack, Odisha

12th (noon) to 18th (noon) January, 2012

Directions for reaching venue:

- The University is 4 Km ahead of Nauraj Chowk, On Bhubaneshwar – Banki Road. 2 km ahead of CISF colony.
- From Bhubaneshwar: On Bhubaneshwar – Cuttack Road come to Trisulia Chowk and turn left to Banki. This is a good road, and meets the Bhubaneshwar – Banki Road.
- Otherwise you can come directly by the Bhubaneshwar – Banki Road, which is more crowded and slow.
- From Cuttack: Via Nauraj Road come to the Bhubaneshwar – Banki Road and turn towards Banki.

Time of travel:

1. 50 minutes from Bhubaneshwar Airport and Railway Station. Taxis will be available.
2. 40 minutes from Cuttack Railway Station. Taxis will be available.

Guidelines to participants, for an enriching and comfortable experience at the camp (please read carefully:

1. The vow of silence will be applicable in the Sadhana camp. Sadhaks are requested to strictly follow the vow of silence apart from the chanting of kirtans
2. While sitting in the Sadhana hall, please keep all the kirtan books with you, including Sankirtan Madhuri and the ashram kirtan books. These will be available at the stall.
3. Please wear Radhey Shyami Shawl during Sadhana.
4. Every evening, there will be a cultural program in the service of Shree Maharajji. Talented artists may prepare a suitable devotional dance item.
5. The donation for the Sadhana program is Rs 2000/-. This includes boarding, lodging and sadhana expenses. Please send your seva to the center in-charge latest by December 20th, if you live in India.
6. Accommodation for everyone will be in the Sadhana hall. International guests will be given shared rooms.
7. Being near the bank of River Mahanadi, the temperature drops at night to 10 degrees centigrade. Please come prepared with sufficient warm clothing, and a sleeping bag or two thick blankets.
8. Please bring plate, glass, cup, spoon, for meals. International guests will be provided these.
9. International guests: Please bring towel, soap, toothpaste, medicines, sleeping bag, and bed sheet. Keep some local currency for use. Bottled water will be available for purchase.
10. To keep your personal possessions secure, please bring a lockable suitcase.
11. Jagadguru Diwas will be celebrated on January 14th as a part of the Sadhana camp.

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