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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Jagadguru Kripaluji Maharaj's Lectures to Begin Airing on Sadhna Channel

Update Nov 2011: Shree Maharajji's lectures are no longer showing on Aaj Tak, but are still available on Aastha, Sadhana and Sahara Samay Channel. Click here for details

Just days after Jagadguru Kripaluji Maharaj lectures began airing on Aastha Channel, Sadhna TV Channel will also begin airing them daily from 16th August, at 7:20 AM (IST). Now we can watch the Divine lectures of Jagadguru Kripaluji Maharaj on the following channels every day:

Aaj Tak 6:30 am
Aastha TV 6:20 pm
Sadhna TV 7:20 AM (available for online viewing)

Aastha International 6:30pm

TV Asia Monday – Friday 9:00 am (EST)
Saturday – Sunday 10:00 am (EST)
Aastha International 6:30 pm (EST)

Aastha International 6:30 pm (EST)

Kantipur TV 6:30 am (IST)

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