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Monday, July 12, 2010

Being Resolute During Difficult Spiritual Times (Part I)

Being Resolute During Difficult Spiritual Times - Part I

Kripaluji Maharaj Books

For a spiritual seeker, devotional stories can illustrate the obstacles and pitfalls on the spiritual path.

However, there are just as many devotional stories whose purpose is to inspire devotees—to provide examples of how fallen souls reversed their worldly situation to redeem or restore their lost spiritual fortune. Examples of both kinds of stories provide great instructional value to a devotee whose spiritual life is subject to personal difficulties from time to time.

For instance, the story of Ajamil in the Bhagwatam is an example of a personality who fell from great Spiritual heights but who later realized his mistake and changed. Ajamil was born in a respected Brahmin family in India. He carried out his ritual activities precisely and was known in his village as a very pious man.

On the way to the town one day, he sighted through a window a woman embracing a man. That scene infected Ajamil's heart and he began to think deeply about sensual pleasure. 

According to human nature, if someone's mind begins to think favorably about any subject, it becomes attached to that. Ajamil also fell for this human weakness. Lustful thinking turned into a desire and he was so attached to such thoughts that he developed a relationship with his maid-servant.

From a renounced religious person, he became a completely fallen soul, an example of sinfulness and iniquity. People said, "See that big ritualist. He has fallen to such an extent.” Everybody hated him. Eventually, his good days returned. He realized his mistake and thought, "What was I before, and what have I become now?" He changed, devoted his life completely for God realization, and he realized Krishn. (Continued in Part II)

Based on the teachings of Jagadguru Shree Kripaluji Maharaj.


manish said...

very helpful indeed for fellow devotees..radhey radhey.. your blog is great...

Kripaluji Maharaj Satsangee said...

Thanks Manish.
Radhey Radhey.