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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Large attendance at JKP Barsana Dham Gita Class in New York

Long Island, NY (SATimes): More than 100 adults and 50 youth attended all seven days of the course entitled "Essentials of the Gita for Children & their Parents". The course, which took place in Long Island, NY during this year's spring break was presented by Swami Nikhilanandji, who is a pracharak of JKP Barsana Dham and a disciple of Jagadguru Shree Kripaluji Maharaj.

The course, designed so that both adults and kids could learn the main topics of the Gita in a relaxed and interactive setting, was a follow up to part one of the class, which took place during the mid-winter school recess in February.

The classrooms at the Vaishnav Community Center, which hosted the event, were overflowing every night, as families learned how to apply the philosophy of the Gita into their life, one chapter of the Gita at a time. In part one of the class, students learned the main topics of the first 6 chapters of the Gita. In part two, they studied chapters 7 through 12. Part three of the class, to be offered August 22-28, will cover the remaining chapters of the Gita.

The program began each evening with kirtan and vandana, followed by instruction to the youth on the most important points of that night's chapter. One adult participant remarked that he could see the glow on the faces of the kids while they were listening, indicating their involvement and desire to learn.

Many remarked at the insightful questions asked by the kids who showed that they were indeed processing the information and trying to understand it.

On the last day youth were given an exam, and prizes were handed out for the highest scores, as well as for perfect attendance. All youth received certificates of participation. Perhaps the most impressive thing about the program was the enthusiasm of the kids to come each day.

One parent remarked, "When I would return home from work, my three kids were already dressed and anxious to leave. They were the ones making sure that we got here on time."

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