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Monday, January 18, 2010

Nature of the World vs. the True Desire of our Soul

Roman Empire
The history of our planet is the history of war and peace; the rise and fall of empires; of poverty and prosperity; sorrow and happiness.

The Vedas are prime and authoritative scriptures of Hindu religion. They explain, “Sansaratiti sansaraha, gachatiti jagat..." Everything in the material world is in a state of flux, unstable and impermanent.” They further describe that the material manifestation is cyclically created and destroyed. Cosmic energy (maya), of which the manifest world is composed, has three qualities: positive, selfish and negative (sattva-raj-tam).

These qualities pervade every aspect of the physical and subtle aspects of the material phenomena. They also influence human thinking and perception because the mind and intellect of a human being are comprised of material energy.

For a person with a material mind, there can be no experience of absolute peace or perfection. It is inevitable that every physical relationship has a beginning and an end. Everything that is born must die. As human beings we feel both pain and pleasure. Despair and hope. Trust and suspicion. Conflict and resolution. Peace and unrest.

The Vedas are Prime Hindu ScripturesJagadguru Shree Kripaluji Maharaj explains that, in contrast, the Vedas describe the nature of the Divine as everlasting peaceful existence, supreme knowledge, and ultimate Divine love (satchitanand). Hindu philosophy explains that every soul, irrespective of race, gender or belief has one prime desire that motivates our every thought and action; the desire to experience perfect happiness.
As the soul is essentially Divine it is easy to understand that it can never be contented by fluctuating material experiences. Jagadguru Shree Kripaluji Maharaj often points to the prominent Vedic mantra, which states “Raso vai saha – God is perfect happiness.” A soul can be fully satisfied and receive Divine love only by the Grace of God.

So how to find God and experience Divine love when we live in the material existence and we have a material body, mind, and intellect? The Vedas reveal, “Bhakti revainam... Through bhakti God is visualized; God is known; you can merge in God; and you can see God in Divine personal form." The word ‘bhakti’ means loving devotion, which is described in Hindu scriptures as the joining link between a soul and God.
A well known historical Saint of India, Meera Bai (depicted above), is still revered for her deep love and devotion to God which she expressed through her inspiring devotional songs. In one of her famous compositions she wrote, "The seed which was in my heart did not sprout until I watered it with the tears of my love. I offered it the warmth of my affection and now it has sprouted. Opening its leaves as it grows, soon it will blossom." It is apparent from her expressions that Meera bai’s heart was full of devotion for her Beloved Krishn, the form of supreme God whom she adored.

Jagadguru Shree Kripaluji Maharaj at Barsana Dham IndiaShree Krishn Himself revealed the Bhagvad Gita on the battlefield of Kurukchetra to his surrendered disciple, Arjun. The 700 verses of this universal scripture teach us to fulfill our responsibilities in the world but to dedicate our heart and mind to God. Shree Maharajji says that the essence and main teaching is expressed in verses 18/64,65 where Shree Krishn says, “Oh Arjun! You are very dear to Me. So, for your own good, I am telling you the greatest secret of the Divine world. Listen carefully. If you or any soul of the world desires to come to Me and be with Me forever, the easiest path is that he should worship Me, love Me, remember Me all the time and dedicate his life for me. Then surely he will come to Me. That is My promise.

It is very consoling that the light of pure love that radiates from the Sanskrit scriptures and lives of great Saints of the Hindu tradition, such as Jagadguru Shree Kripalu Ji Maharaj, can guide us to experience God’s love in our heart, and help us to progress towards the attainment of ultimate happiness. Whilst it is true that war and peace have existed throughout recorded history but so too has the opportunity to experience the unlimited ocean of God’s love, the ultimate happiness.

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